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Cellfood® dietary supplement The oxygen supply for the body with 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids

Vital Force Technology™- Verbindung von alter Naturheilkunde, Zeitgeist und Wissenschaft

The technology

Cellfood products are manufactured according to the Everett Storey formula by NuScience, USA. They are obtained according to a patented manufacturing process using red algae (Lithothamnium Calcareum).

The products

Help to increase the body’s energy and oxygen transport to the cells, balance the metabolism and provide the body with readily available vital nutrients.

The way it works

All products are prepared in ionic form and contain the important trace element selenium, which helps protect body cell components from oxidative damage.

Cellfood® products

The red alga preferably comes from New Zealand, as it thrives there purest and most splendidly. The idea of using a seaweed that contains these diverse natural substances as a source of vital substances makes a lot of sense. Ionization makes the oxygen quickly available at the cellular level. The interaction of both properties makes the products effective and effective.

Customer testimonials

I, 39 female, suffered from infections a number of times a year. Despite the vitamin tablets, nothing had changed. Then I took the vitamin C and multivitamin from Cellfood, every day and lo and behold … it helped, the colds no longer liked me. How great.

In the past, my sport was somehow difficult, had to work harder. My friend recommended Cellfood to me and it was clear that I got back into my condition, and that very quickly. Thank you, I’m glad you did.

My chronic illness limits me in all aspects of daily life. I’m 79 years old and have tried Cellfood, SAMe for my mood, Cellfood drops and also the Switch product. Since then I have definitely felt better and more vital. Thank you!

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