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Pulsors are a mixture of millions of micronized crystalline forms and patterns with gigantic surfaces. Due to the specific arrangements and different recipes, they include shape, implosion, hologram, golden ratio, and more. what is naturally based on crystal lattice structures. These special properties make it possible to strengthen the resilience (resistance) of the body via the subtle energy field. The Pulsors® do not directly resonate with the electromagnetic field, but rather lead the body back into its natural balance on the level of the subtle energy field without stimulating or suppressing it. The Pulsors® are in a class of their own, as their special nature means that they work out of themselves, without external energies or other manipulations. Due to their extraordinary properties, they correct and stabilize the energy centers that appear as vortices in the pre-physical field, and are therefore also called vortex stabilizers. Pulsors® work neutrally on the basis of themselves. Thus they are able to adapt to any situation.

The diversity of the Pulsors® enables the body to return to its natural “rhythm program” in order to activate the self-regulation process on the subatomic level. Different Pulsors® are available for this, which also support different regulatory processes in the physical, emotional or mental area. If you need support in your selection, please contact us.

On the body The Pulsors® resonate with the scalar waves of the bioenergy field and bring the body back into its own rhythm. Pulsors® therefore have transmitter and receiver properties. The same principle can be found in bioresonance, only there the body is offered programmed electromagnetic frequencies via devices. In this sense, Pulsors® have no external energy. Pulsors® – activate the self-healing powers by correcting the vortex energy polarities and can be used safely for the various symptoms. – do not create their own energy fields or patterns out of themselves, therefore they are called “passive”. Rather, their function is to strengthen and enlarge the bio-energy field. You do not need a battery or other electrical energy sources for this, but use your own energy sources of the body or the environment. Any other electronic or electrical device that is used therapeutically and is not harmonized will almost certainly have a negative effect on the vortex energy polarities.

do not use up, do not charge and do not need to be cleaned (except for hygienic reasons). You can be a lifelong “companion”.
balance and stabilize the natural vortex energy polarities in the bioenergy field, i.e. they ensure the correct rotation of the subatomic particles. Many of the devices offered today have a short-term effect, but cannot maintain the eddy energy polarities in the long term.
are an important therapeutic tool and can be combined with any other therapy. Therapy methods work much more efficiently with the additional use of Pulsors®.
Applied in simple, independent little exercises, they enable a general sense of well-being and thus a better quality of life.
Used therapeutically, they support the emotional-functional state of mind quickly and reliably, which will ultimately also be reflected in the morphological-functional regulation (see research: Study Inter-Uni Graz).
are easy to use and are a reliable companion for health and wellbeing

Pulsors® only become active when they encounter an exchange system, i.e. when they come into resonance with a different rhythm. This interference process makes it possible to return structures of the environment (room, apartment, house, office, plants) to a natural rhythm. Rhythm is always the connection between order (relativity theory) and chaos (quantum physics).

The successful harmonization concept of the Pulsors® in the environment is based on the alignment of the electron spin for the creation of a healthy living and working environment.

Pulsors® offer reliable protection of the body energy field against loads from external sources (e.g. high-voltage lines, overhead railway lines, cell phone towers or from the neighbour’s WLAN system, electrical devices and lines, leakage current, electrostatic charges, geopathic interference zones, water veins, etc.). Pulsors® do not use any external energies and do not produce any external energies. Neither chemical nor electrical processes are required for their effectiveness. This also excludes the likelihood of side effects.

Pulsors® placed in living or working spaces offer considerable benefits for all residents, including the neighbors. A harmonious environment reduces stress. Sleep quality changes and it attracts more harmony. Many users confirm this.

Harmonization is easy. The vortex energy filter is connected to the line network, the Pulsors® mainly placed in corners or under ceilings. Our environmental therapists will be happy to visit you and advise you (expense allowance). The user has the opportunity to live in the harmonious atmosphere for 4 weeks, free of charge and without obligation. (see link «therapists»).

The harmonization by Pulsoren® does not require any changes to the home like moving beds etc. It is a simple and safe “assembly” and is tailored to your individual needs. You benefit from 20 years of experience at home and abroad.

The studies can be requested from us or a certified therapist for a fee. To do this, please contact us or a therapist (contact person).


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Note: The scientific studies and results mentioned on this website only apply to Pulsoren products. Imitations, plagiarisms or copies of Pulsors are not affected. Only the original of the Pulsors offers the options listed. Information from companies that imitate Pulsors and back them up with studies and experience are illegally derived from the findings of G.Yao and the Center for Vital Energy

Dr. T.Georg Yao was one of those rare personalities who is able to move flexibly between orthodox disciplines and novel scientific ideas and their technological application.

His development of the Vortex Energy Therapy and the passive biotransmitter, the “PULSOREN®” was only possible through his research spirit and through the utmost utilization of the most modern cutting edge technologies.

Dr. George Yao, born in China, was fascinated by all scientific questions from a very young age. His talents led him to numerous academic degrees. In the 1950s he moved to California, where he worked as a development physicist in the field of molecular physics.
Yao worked in aerospace research (NASA) for many years. During this time he researched special materials and crystals that were used in American space satellites.
In the late 1960s he began studying naturopathy, polarity therapy and acupuncture, and received his doctorate in naturopathy.

He worked out the basics for the Pulsor® technology in the early 1970s, while testing the first Pulsor® generation. The rest of his life he concentrated on the further development and perfecting of the microcrystalline PULSOR® technology and implemented it worldwide. In addition to the USA, Pulsors® and PULSOREN® therapy, known as vortex energy therapy, are used in Japan, China, Canada, Europe and Scandinavia.

Dr. Yao shared with other scientists, doctors and therapists through numerous seminars and workshops around the world, which was an important part of his vision. Dr. George T. Yao died in 1998. His work is continued today by his daughter. Development, public relations, worldwide application, training and coordination are in the hands of Deborah Yao and her team in California, USA. The Pulsors® are manufactured in plants in the USA and Hong Kong.

Since Pulsors® contain neither external energies nor other programming, but work from the existing potential of the inherent properties and adapt to the circumstances, they are timeless and independent.

Note : The scientific studies and results mentioned on this website only apply to the original Pulsor® products. Imitations, plagiarism or copies of Pulsoren® are not affected. Only the original of the Pulsors® offers the options listed. Information from companies that imitate Pulsoren® and substantiate it with studies and experience are illegally derived from the findings of G.Yao and the Center for Vital Energy.

Vital Force Technology ™

The Vital Force TechnologieTM (VFT) consists of a three-part process:

  1. a plasma-based generator that can design and generate subtle energy patterns
  2. a storage system and
  3. an infusion system that can infuse the generated patterns into a substance.

The process creates safe, stable and repeatable formulas of subtle energy patterns that can be used specifically for certain biological functions (whether physiological, psychological, mental or spiritual).

The most significant properties of VFT that set it apart from all other subtle technologies on the market today is its adjustable generator and ability to do the following:

VFT creates the energetic blueprints of each of the elements of the periodic table, which are the building blocks of all substances in the physical world. It makes it possible to take advantage of the unique healing properties of the elements of the periodic table while eliminating the side effects that their chemical counterparts would cause. The energetic patterns of lithium e.g. help effectively against depression, germanium supports the immune system, etc.

VFT extremely precisely reproduces the energetic blueprints of any substance (including herbs, essences, oils, gemstones and minerals) and infuses these energetic blueprints into other carrier substances.

An adjustable plasma-based generator is able to produce subtle-stable and always reproducible energy patterns of almost any health-promoting substance. Using a storage and infusion system, these patterns are converted into e.g. Water infused.
This process creates safe, stable energy and information recipes for targeted biological functions, regardless of whether on a physical, psychological, mental or spiritual level. The products have no side effects, have high potential for combination, are easy to use and safe. The technology takes the concept of energetic-informative active ingredients (Infozeutika) to a new, progressive level.

Electrosmog and its biological influences on the body have been adequately interpreted in a wide variety of observation and examination series. The industry still only recognizes the thermal effects (Hertzian waves) of today’s high-frequency technology, whereas non-thermal waves (longitudinal waves) are described as the greater danger in the medical field. This waveform forms the transport mechanism that the body needs in order to be able to cope with the enormous amount of information and data volumes, because the body cannot function without information and energy transfer. It is easy to imagine that if there is a disruption in this transmission mechanism, the body’s own communication system can no longer function optimally.
With their information and energy patterns, the Vital Force technology products offer optimal protection against WLAN. High-frequency technology, electrosmog, emanations from people and other external influences.

The story of Vital Force Technology ™ began more than 30 years ago in Russia with Dr. Yury Kronn, one of the leading theorists in high-frequency electromagnetic oscillation, laser physics and non-linear optics. As an inventor, developer and creative theorist, Kronn was well known for his special talent for bringing together irreconcilable theories and explaining phenomena that scientists have puzzled over for years.

Kronn found out that this level of subatomic particles, quarks, pre-physical energy and matter (the effect of which can be observed but not measured) is like a universal primordial energy soup from which the physical world of protons and neutrons and electrons were created. At that time it became clear to him that the energy that had been at work there during the demonstration (paranormal phenomena) by the Russian physicists came from this subtle level. (This energy is now called “subtle energy”.) He also began to understand the mechanism of interactions between the subatomic and the atomic (physical) world. This was key to the development of Vital Force Technology ™.

Dr. Yury Kronn was awarded the honor of “Doctor of Science” by the “Scientific Committee of the Lebedev Institute of Physics” (Moscow). This is a rare award for personalities who have opened up new avenues for science and transcends conventional boundaries.
Dr. Yury Kronn has published more than 75 scientific publications on the subject of “Nonlinear Quantum Radiation Physics” and is co-author of the standard work “Nonlinear Resonance Interaction of Light and Matter”. He invented the first 4-photon laser frequency converter in the infrared range, which enabled him to observe his results. As a system critic, he was expelled from what was then the Soviet Union in 1988.
Today he is considered one of the leading scientists in the field of subtle energies. With the Vital-Force-TechnologieTM, a unique process has been developed worldwide to create subtle energy signatures, to manifest them in a stable manner and to store them. With this technology, a new age is ushered in health care and recovery.
The core of Kronn`s research is the vital force generator, which creates “vital force formulas” (life-energy signatures) and products for cleaning the environment. Kronn uses the analogy with computer software. With this comparison, the meaning of the subtle, subtle body re-programming through the VFT can be well understood. Kronn explains: “We have learned to carry out complex, mathematical calculations by manipulating electrical impulses (software) that stimulate our hardware to work. The human body works in a similar way. The software that determines the functioning of our body is not electromagnetic in nature . It is called “subtle” energy and is the body’s own life force. This great realization and the associated VFT will one day make it possible to change the world of health thinking and health. It will be possible that we can reprogram our body’s own software so that that the functioning of our physical body optimizes itself.

The VF products are subjected to strict scientific testing procedures. Detailed information can be downloaded here! Manufacturers Guide


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Cellfood ®

The energy supply of all cell processes stands and falls with the availability of oxygen. Oxygen is therefore of central importance for cellular activity. The insufficient bioavailability of oxygen, hydrogen and micronutrients can endanger blood vessels, cell tissue and cells. If the cell does not receive enough oxygen, this leads to diseases and premature aging

An important formula from Cellfood® is:

S trength
E fficiency
L ive
E nergy
N aturalness
I ncorruptibility
U niversality
M etabolism

Oxygen and nutrients for the cell

  1. Cellfood® is able to divide water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and pure oxygen (O-) through a patented technology, thus providing optimal oxygen supply to the cell
  2. increases the bioavailability of oxygen in the body without undesirable side effects. Free radicals are neutralized and eliminated.
  3. Increases the energy supply in the cell
  4. Neutralizes free radicals and detoxifies the organism
  5. Improves performance and concentration
  6. Activates the bowel movement
  7. Contributes to the energy metabolism
  8. Prevents nerve degeneration processes
  9. Strengthens the immune system
  10. Increases the body’s resistance and helps fight pathogens
  11. Cellfood® is free of side effects and interactions with other drugs
  12. Cellfood® has zero calories,
    – does not contain any doping substances,
    – no alcohol,
    – no milk sugar,
    – no gluten,
    so that it can be safely taken by top athletes and people with food intolerance
  13. Easy to use
  14. Cellfood® drops are absorbed by the oral and intestinal mucosa without delay. Once the nutrients have arrived in the body, they are distributed to the cells in the entire organism and immediately release their effect. Ingestion takes place through the mucous membrane or external application, thus no irritation of the gastrointestinal tract

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