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The Vital Force Technology ™ – connection of ancient healing knowledge, zeitgeist and scientific progress

Naturheilmittel Vital Force Chi-Wate

The technology

The Vital Force technology produces safe, stable and subtle energy patterns that are introduced into minerals and dissolved in water. The result is Chi-Water products.

The products

The Chi-Water products contain i.a. the subtle energy patterns with controllable properties that are defined by traditional Chinese medicine as the “five elements”.

The distinction

The Vital Force Technology ™ is able to generate unlimited variations of energetic signatures in order to generate the appropriate energy recipe for special indications.

The Vital Force Technology (VFT ™)

The Vital Force Technology ™ creates precise energetic blueprints of existing substances such as herbs, minerals and many more and infuses them into other carrier substances using a plasma generator and the latest technology. The technology enables e.g. harness the unique healing properties of the elements of the periodic table in a way that has never been seen before. The complex energetic formulas are used specifically for certain biological functions on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Efficient means are also available for the environment. Studies and experience show that Chi-Water products are unique in this form in the world of energetic active ingredients.

Customer testimonials

For 4 years with me in treatment with energetic informative medicine for fibromyalgia with pain all over the body with only moderate improvement. On 9/27/11 prescription of Chi-Water LO after testing 2×40 drops, Chi-Water CL 1×29 drops, Chi-Water QB 2×10 drops. For the first time, significantly less pain or none at all. No more pain on December 5th, 2011. New recipe. V.M. PhD

Severe heartburn (reflux) for 18 years, taking 3x daily proton pump inhibitors and prokinetics. Taking Vital Force Formulas for 1 year (intermittently). No medication necessary. Patient feels fine. Consumption of Chi-Water GI, Chi-Water IS, Chi-Water HGI, Chi-Water LSP, Chi-Water KS, Chi-Water SRI, etc. corresponding testing. J.M., doctor

We are a family of 6 and had the flu for about 7 weeks. Vital Force was the only thing that helped us get well again. I work as a body and respiratory therapist and now I really want to integrate the Vital Force method into my work.

Both of my house cats suffered from bleeding gums, which is not uncommon for the animals. There was also penetrating bad breath. By adding Chi Water HM to the water bowl, the problem was quickly resolved, and the bad breath also improved.

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