Experience balance and protection every day

Pulsors® use the natural properties of micronized crystals to strengthen and balance body energy

Pulsoren® nutzen die natürlichen Eigenschaften mikronisierter Kristalle zur Stärkung und Balancierung der Körperenergie

The products

Pulsors® consist of millions of different natural micronized crystal structures that are arranged in different recipes and shapes.

The way it works

Pulsors® are not programmed and work according to the principle of resonance, instead of applying external forces to achieve the desired goals, which makes them unique.


Pulsors® can be used both on the body and in the environment. Due to their inherent properties, they always have a harmonizing and strengthening effect.

The Pulsor® Method

It is the marriage of ancient healing knowledge, original Chinese medicine, the inventor’s findings from space research and the latest physics. It is a simple and effective way to generate the natural healing power and energy of the body. From the point of view of energy, the unipolar aspect of the Pulsor® is something unique and therefore makes it possible to balance the energetic polarities of the body. The body energy field finds its own individual rhythm through resonance with the Pulsors®, where balance and self-healing can take place.

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Customer testimonials

I would not have thought that a radio mast could have such serious health effects as headache, sleep disorders, tightness in the chest and restlessness which I did not know before. With the wearing of the Pulsors® my energy is better, I can find peace again, and I enjoy life.

80 year old woman complains of pain and depression, severe fatigue. First of all, her environment was harmonized and she wears a set of pulsors on her body with which she also does small exercises. Her metabolism improved instantly and she acquired a new quality of life.

Family with 3 children complained of various symptoms, mother back pain and thus unable to work, 1st child wetting the bed, 2nd child mongoloid and does not sleep. After the house has been harmonized, the boy no longer wets and the second child goes to sleep himself in the afternoon. The mother is able to work again.

I was able to stabilize a young patient with epilepsy with Pulsors. I have received feedback from a doctor’s assistant that the Vortex energy filter has significantly reduced the previously felt stress caused by operating the device.

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