Vital Force Technology™ products are pure energetic preparations. The VFT equipment is able to to reproduce the energetic blueprints of any substance, including herbs, essential oils, etc. All of these features make it possible to create subtle energy patterns targeted for specific biological functions, whether physiological, psychological or mental.

Concentrated trace minerals insused with various Vital Force™ Formulas are marketed in Europe by Center of Vital Force to health professionals.

An important observation on the use of Vital Force™ Formulas is their ability to enhance and speed up the biological actions of all other nutritional and therapeutic modalities; the synergistic effect of combining nutritional supplements with Vital ForceTM  Formulas dramatically restores the ability of the body`s organs to effectively perform their functions and full utilize nutrients. The Vital ForceTM environment products neutralising all kinds of electromagnetic or energetic pollution. In the therapeutical area they facilitate any recreation processes and help to equilibrate mental-emotional imbalances.

Dr. Yury Kronn developed an understandable concept for the composition and mechanisms of what the modern scientific society calls the subatomic world. He began to understand the mechanism and interaction with the subatomic and the atomic (physical) world which became key to developing Vital Force TechnologyTM thirty years ago. Dr. Yury Kronn’s years of rigorous scientific experimentation, testing, and development produced a system that generates, records, stores, and reproduces subtle subatomic energy with 100% accuracy.

Recent discoveries in astrophysics indicate the need for a complete rethinking of how we perceive the physical universe. No longer does it resemble Newton’s clock-like mechanism or even Einstein’s more malleable realm of relative time and space.

Instead we are confronted by quantum energy’s brave new universe–over 90% of which consists of what science cannot yet measure–yet knows must exist.

A few intrepid explorers are doing pioneering research on this new frontier to understand and–more importantly–make use of it. One such figure, Dr. Yury Kronn, Ph.D., created Vital Force Technology as a place to conduct and encourage research into the practical uses of quantum energy phenomena. Already, this research is bearing fruit in the form of products that create measurable  reproducible results.

“The practical reason to research subtle energy is to find the means to harness it for our needs, whether it is for our health and well-being or spiritual growth and for finding non-toxic alternatives to existing technologies that are severely polluting our environment”. Dr Yury Kronn, PH.D.

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