Product Summary for Utilization in the Environment


These black Pulsors® are available in both split-spectrum and full-spectrum configurations. (The split-spectrum are identified by colors in their centers: red, green and blue which make up a complete set). When strategically placed in the environment, they can create harmony in one’s home and office; they are extraordinarily suitable for harmonizing both living and working environments (including electrical appliances, cars and also food). They will provide effective protection against intense electromagnetic radiation by wearing on the body.

Product Number: 1 200 01 23

Angel Multifrequency

This Pulsor® contains oscillating frequencies that are equivalent to having all the frequencies of one full set of three Pulsors® (red-green-blue). They can be useful for harmonizing electrical appliances, cars and for protecting the body, as well.

Product Number: 1 200 10 00

Super Pulsor® Card sectional

This device consists of three seperable segments and harmonizes all electrical and electronic appliances, in particular mobile phones; it also compensates particularly well for the negative fields which can cause dysfunction within the body. The significant impact of the Super Card is achieved by its having additional energy signatures. Depending on the requirement, 2 to 3 segments may be affixed or even the whole card can be stuck on the back of the cellular phone. To protect the body, the card can be worn closely to the body. For harmonizing electrical or electronic appliances, the card can be affixed where suitable.

Product Number: 1 600 11 00

Vortex Energy Filter

This filter was developed for electrical and electronic facilities. It is interconnected within the feeder network. The filter is designed to harmonize the whole power supply network in houses and apartments as well as for all electrical appliances. It is especially recommended for computer facilities and electrical devices. It is easy to install and power consumption is insignificant.

Product number: 1 400 00 00

Super Theta gold and silver

These are specific Pulsors® with different compositions deriving from both the basic and ultima generations which work on the mental frequencies. They differ in their various frequencies. Both types can be used for general balancing. They work very quickly and are of a higher vibration and more finely tuned, as well. They will release coarser, blocked energies in the mental field.
Product Number: 2 000 11 12


This black hexagonal, full-spectrum Pulsor® provides the expanding aura return frequency, or route for energetic regeneration. The Galactical Collectable Pulsor®, also known as the “Turning Point Express” is different from all the other Pulsors®. Other Pulsors® amplify the auric force fields. The Galactical has an energy retrieval cycle which, after amplification of the physical, emotional and mental energy fields, causes the subtle Scalar Wave to re-enter the physical frequency and regenerate the process many times over.

Product Number: 2 000 30 00


The VEF Box includes four Vortex Energy Filters. The assembly is conducted by expert staff at the central system for power supply.

The VEF Box is suitable for bigger apartment complexes, hotels, offices and industrial plants. More details are available in the information leaflet.

Product Number:  1 400 10 00