Scientific studies on Pulsors’ mode of action

For a fee studies can be requested via us or a certified therapist. Please do contact us or a therapist (contact person).


KIRCHNER, C.: Master thesis. Trend observation of the condition of 15 probands when using Pulsors. October 2010. Short Version as PDF.

PROF. POPP: INSTITUTE for BIOPHYSICS in Neuss, Germany – Bio photons’ Emissions Skin Resistance Measurement carried out with probands after applying Pulsors® to the body,tests 2002.

DR. EMOTO: Japan, I.H.M. Research Institute – Pulsor® and Tokyo water tests on water crystallisation, test 2003.

INSTITUTE for COMMUNICATION AND BRAIN RESEARCH: Stuttgart, Germany. EEG spectral analysis measurements with Pulsors®, test series 2002.

CHRISTA URICHER: Dark field blood tests before and after a Vortex Energy balancing with Pulsors®.

CHRISTA URICHER/ ROSINA SONNENSCHMIDT: Aura recording before and after a Vortex Energy balancing with Pulsors®.

INNERACTIVE ENTERPRISE: Aura Chakra Reports with AVS Version 5.0 (2006) before and after a Vortex Energy balancing with Pulsors®.

GEORGE ANDERLOH, USA, and HELGA DOBROWOLSKI, Switzerland: Kirlian photography after Vortex Energy balancing with Pulsors®, test series in 1985 and 2000.

APPLIED BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES LAB, CA, USA: Preliminary screening study of the effects of fluorescent radiation on blood chemistries of rats in the presence and absence of Pulsor® Anti-radiation Devices, Study 1980.

CENTRE FOR VITAL ENERGETICS: Growth experiment with wheat germs and impact of electromagnetic radiation with and without Pulsors®, 2006.


Note: The scientific studies referred to by this web-site are only valid for Pulsor products. Imitations, rip-offs or copies of Pulsors, respectively, are not concerned by them. Only the original Pulsor offers the mentioned possibilities. References given by companies, who imitate Pulsors and prove them by studies or experiences, are unlawful derivated from the findings of G. Yao’s and the Centre for Vital Energetics.