Private-and Business Solutions:

Today we are exposed to numerous influences, some of them we create ourselves. What can we do to re-establish the natural conditions and situations?

Here you can find a list of solutions.


Harmonising the living environment

Often you feel uncomfortable in your own home and do not know why? Causes might be negative impacts from e-smog or geopathic disturbances. Numerous medical analyses report about them. Turn your home with little effort to become a „harmonic island“ again.
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Harmonising Electric Devices at Home, in the Office or on the Road

Numerous hours in front of the computer or TV, a radio-controlled alarm clock next to your bed, a halogen lamp installed over your desk and so on and so forth. Acting with and around electric and electronic appliances for a longer time period can cause malaise: Head ache, tired eyes, nervousness, sleep disturbances and many more. With pulsors’ aid your complaints will disappear.
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Harmonising Mobile Phones, Cordless Phones

You know about the danger of pulsed high-frequency radiations and search for a simple, efficient solution? The Super Pulsor Tripartite Card is an enhancement in combination with Vital Force energy signatures and will do full justice to a „healthy“ solution.
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Energising of Water and Food

You wish for delicious energised drinking and tap water? You already know about the importance good water to your body? Put a Super Pulsor Tripartite Card under a drinking water vessel and harmonise your water pipes. Even when showering you will feel the energising effect. The same applies to the energising of food.

Harmonising your Car

How radiant is your car? The intensity of the magnetic field and the electromagnetic radiation of vehicles differs. You cannot elude from the biological influence of radiation but you can have your car harmonised.
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Harmonising of Offices and Office Buildings

You do not feel comfortable at your workspace? You suffer from head aches, tensions, back pains, nervousness, mood disorders and you have a hard time concentrating? You would like to change something about that?

Harmonising of Agricultural Facilities and Spaces for Animals

As of a sudden your cows do not give enough milk any longer? Your pet has changed and you do not know why? Your horses are nervous and more illness susceptible? Animals react to e-smog but also to geopathic interferences zones. Numerous harmonisations of animal stables and other agricultural facilities have shown that Pulsors also can help your animals.