20 Benefits for you and a healthy environment.

  1. Pulsors® activate the self-healing powers by correcting the polarities of whirl energy and can be used safely for various symptoms.
  2. Pulsors® create no inherent energy fields or patterns deriving from themselves. That is why they are qualified as “passive”. Their function is the enhancement and intensification of the biological gravity field. They do not need any batteries or other electrical sources of energy, but use the body’s own sources of energy and/or of their surroundings, respectively. Any other electronic or electrical device which is used therapeutically and which is not harmonized will certainly have a negative effect on the polarities of whirl energy.
  3. Pulsors® do not get used up; they charge themselves and do not need to be cleaned (except for hygienic reasons). Thus, they can be a lifetime companion.
  4. Pulsors® balance and stabilize the natural polarities of whirl energy in the bio-energy field; this means they take ensure the correct rotation of the subatomic particles. A lot of currently offered devices may produce a short-term effect but cannot maintain the polarities of whirl energy in the long run.
  5. Pulsors® are a vital tool in therapy and are valuable in combination with any other therapyMany therapy methods function even more effectively when using Pulsors® in addition.
  6. Using Pulsors®, even in a simple way, already balances out any pre-existing lateral disturbance of the brain hemispheres.
  7. Pulsors® can not only be applied to living creatures but also harmonize electrical and electronic devices. The use of Pulsor® technologies in the living and working environment can harmonize the negative effects from electrical and electronic devices, of disharmonic influences and geopathic fields as well. In combination with Feng Shui techniques these effects are extraordinarily striking. (The brochure “The Vortex Energy Filter” describes benefits and use in the residential and working area.)
  8. Pulsors® worn close to the body provide an extensive protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation and intensify and enhance the body’s bio-energy field many times over. (cf. Research on aura video imaging).
  9. Pulsors® protect the integrity of the human bio-energy field.
  10. Pulsors® are individually verified for every human. You get the Pulsor® model that your body needs. The decision is based on an energetic feedback technique.
  11. Pulsors® provide for the restoring and sustaining of the body’s own natural energy fields (polarities of whirl energy system), as well as the environment’s.
  12. Pulsors® used in simple autonomous small exercises permit general well-being and thus an enhanced quality of life.
  13. Pulsors® used therapeutically support the emotional-functional system both rapidly and reliably, which will ultimately be reflected in morphological-functional regulation (cf. research: survey of Inter-Uni Graz, Austria).
  14. Energetic contamination from outside (e.g. power lines, overhead contact lines, mobile phone towers or your neighbor’s wireless LAN system) or existing contaminants within the living space (electrical devices and electrical wiring, stray currents, electrostatic charge deriving from the soil, geopathic disturbances, water veins and so on) are harmonized when Pulsors® take care of a positive energy flow and disperse these impacts quickly and reliably. (Cf. also energetic pollution covered in Vital Force/Environment).
  15. Pulsors® do not use any outside energy and do not produce any outside energy. For their effectiveness there are no chemical or electrical processes needed. Thus the probability of side effects can be eliminated.
  16. If Pulsors® are placed in the living or working environment they offer a considerable benefit for all residents, including neighbors. Owing to a harmonic environment, stressors are minimized. The quality of sleep improves and life, in general, becomes increasingly harmonic. Many Pulsor® users can confirm all of this.
  17. Harmonization is easy. A Vortex Energy Filter is connected to the electrical circuitry and the Pulsors® are mainly installed in corners or close to ceilings. Our environmental therapists are happy to visit you and to counsel you (expense allowance). The user has the possibility to settle down in a harmonic atmosphere for 4 weeks – free of charge and without obligation (environmental therapists: cf. contact persons).
  18. Harmonization by Pulsors® does not need any changes in living, e.g. moving beds and so on. It allows simple and safe “assembling” and is adjusted to your individual requirements.
  19. Pulsors® are liable to strict production controls and are continually being further developed to meet constantly changing environmental threats and requirements.
  20. You profit from 20 years of experience in our home country and abroad.