Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Ms. E.K., in her mid-80s, consulted the doctor due to a painless swelling in the inguinal region. Her doctor diagnosed a hernia and recommended a surgery. Ms. K. was not satisfied with diagnostic finding.

After Pulsor balancing for several times there were distinct indications for an ambilateral lymph accumulation – also with respect to the upper part of the body.

After some sessions and the night-time application of an infra Card the alleged inguinal hernia had disappeared after 5 weeks.

Case Study 2:

Urs, 5 years old, perked up every night appallingly crying without being able to locate the pain. After having consulted a doctor he was prescribed sleeping pills. The specialist guessed on an inflammation in the ear making necessary the surgical use of an ear tube (small pipe, implant). Mother and son came to therapy since they wanted to make the surgery obsolete.

Urs was treated with a Pulsor Energy Balancing unable to detect any major blockings. Afterwards use was made of infantile intuition and Urs chose one of the Pulsors by himself. Every night he put it under his pillow. Immediately the boy could sleep through the night without sleeping pills and without any unlocated pain (feather pillows conduct electromagnetic oscillations!!).

Case Study 3:

Ms. W. complained about intense stabbing pain in her heel. During all sessions there was a distinct indication for an energy blocking in her back (kidney). After several Pulsor energy balancing – also applied to the back – the pain disappeared. As a reaction the urine extremely changed colour and Ms. W. temporarily felt extremely tired. After 3 weeks she felt fit again.

Case Study 4:

55 year old woman, tumour in cerebrum, taking heavy medication with serious side effects like restlessness, dizziness, cardiac chest pain, headache, stomach pain), constant absences varying from some seconds to minutes, major anxiety. The symptoms could not be treated by academic medicine  After the ninth session it came to an astonishing improvement – no absences any more. The specialist in charge almost could not believe in the patient’s transformation. Continued remote treatment and continuation of therapy once a month.

Case Study 5:

9 year old child, epilepsy, serious aggravation during the past 2.5 years, movement disorders. Every 5 days an attack, stumbles a lot, physically weak, taking more than 25 miscellaneous drugs. In combination with a bowel cleanse the child was treated for three weeks every day, approx. 25 hours of therapy. In addition before going to school the child does one exercise, which he asks for by himself. House, bed etc. were examined and harmonised. After therapy only 2 medications left. Motor skills much better, almost now stumbling anymore. Child much sprightlier. Teachers’ statements: He is sprightlier, responsive, can integrate himself much more, teaching staff almost could not believe the difference after only 3 weeks of therapy.

Case Study 6:

A family of five. Child, 4 years old, bed-wetter, showed up in the parents’ bed every night. The two other children autonomously changed the positions of their beds countless times since they could not sleep well. Farther suffers every day from sacroiliac pain, mother complained about bad and light sleep. The examination of the house and the property did not reveal any bad soil data but that all sources of interference were deriving from the internal power supply system. A Vortex Energy Filter was installed in the cellar, which within 4 hours harmonised the house. In addition there was a set angel „installed“ on the upper floor. A control was conducted three weeks after assembly. The house was very harmonious. The father did not have any sacroiliac pain anymore. The daughters slept much better. The boy did not climb out of his bed at night, bed-wetting got much better. Children are less sickly and show a much more harmonic behaviour than before.

Case Study 7:

Patient, in her mid-forties, car accident with insufferable subsequent pain in extremities, hip and back (no whiplash). Different therapies without any success. Patient was unable to work, in need of home help. During Vortex Energy Therapy persistent polarity corrections were conducted, especially in the spinal area, connected to that also with respect to legs, hip and shoulders. After two treatments the patient was trained to exercise at home on her own in order to regain stability in polarity. The patient underwent an intense treatment since she was coming from far away. After 20 hours of therapy the polarity could be fully stabilised. The patient did not feel better in three years and was easily able to cope with the remaining pain (vertebra shift) without any impact on her quality of life. Ms. K.A. continues her Pulsor exercises and wears Pulsors close to the body.

Case Study 8:

Male, beginning 70 of age, left eye doomed to go blind since suffering from a wet degenerative macula disease with the danger of spreading to his other eye. The patient was categorised as “untreatable” by the university hospital, having overcome an extensive therapy. Due to the quick worsening of the disease: cancellation of driving licence. More over extensive organic discomfort: too high blood pressure and so on.

After one and a half years of weekly Pulsor treatment with more or less short interruptions the patient recovered to that extent that the macula diseases “dried out” and there was no mention of blindness anymore. On top any other troubles are not relevant any longer. Drives a car again. Post-treatment in different intervals necessary.

Case Study 9:

My niece came to visit. She was complaining about chronic pain in the ovaries. She said she had been to the doctor and they wanted to do surgery to remove cysts immediately. My sister asked me if I would use the Pulsors to help alleviate the pain. I was not sure it would work but I tried anyway. I strategically placed with Dominique’s guidance and using the accu Pulsor I located several areas that were opposite polarity. I also moved the Pulsors around using Rieki. I had just recently been initiated in Rieki. One week later she went to get an MRI before surgery. The doctor said the cysts were completely gone und surgery was not required. This is astounding.

Case Study 10:

Trauma from accident, client: PR, 37 years old, initial situation:

During a fatal accident with a motorbike PR directs traffic. Doing this he is always located in striking distance to the motor cyclist fighting against dying. The images haunt him. Therapy: On the same day he undergoes a treatment. Arranging of polarities. 20 minutes automatic self-balancing exercise with different tested Pulsors®. Sequel:

As soon as the Pulsors® were placed, a pleasurable feeling occurred. Burden dropped off. Even at night no images showed up and PR could sleep well. The following day PR could read the news coverage in the media without having any traumatic memories.

Case Study 11:

Cold, client: VL, Zurich, Switzerland, 63 years old

Suffering from a heavy cold. Troublesome breathing through nose possible, the respiratory system is blocked. A treatment with the Tenscam taking 3 minutes provides immediate air so that the cold is over as well.

Case Study 12:

Swollen tongue and pain, client: VL, Zurich, Switzerland, 63 years old; Wakes in the morning with dexter swollen tongue and pain, dragging on up to the ear. An immediate Tescam treatment leads to both swelling and pain disappearing until lunch time (within 5 hours).

Case Study 13:

Dorsal pain, client: RG, Zurich, Switzerland, 67 years old

Initial situation: For five years RG had been complaining about shoulder and neck pain as well as heavy itching. After five treatments with Vortex Energy Therapy and the Tenscam during a period of five months the client states that the arm’s itching stopped. The pain in the back and neck area had disappeared as well.

Case Study 14:

Acoustic papilla; client KV, born 11 October 2008; initial situation:

After a high-risk pregnancy and a childbirth with moderate complications the first days of life for little KV proceed normal. At the age of one week an audiometry is undertaken with the new-born. The result is too indefinite so that no positive conclusion could be taken. For this reason KV is referred to the university hospital of Zurich for further clarification of the sense of hearing.

On 3 December (KV is seven weeks old) an audiometry is carried out. By doing so the ear is exposed to up to 110 decibel equivalent to a noise level of a jack-hammer 1 metre away. KV does not show any reaction! The doctors predict for KV a moderate to serious hearing impairment.

After two treatments with the Vortex Energy Therapy and the TensCam within two weeks KV shows an intense facial skin rash.

On 19 December (KV is 10 weeks old) another clarification is taking place in the university hospital of Zurich. The doctors fear worse and conduct further tests which inspect the sense of hearing for its functionality. The examinations reveal that KV’s hearing sense so far is normal. A quantitative conclusion with respect to the actual hearing is, however, not done by the doctors.

The parents confirm a normal development of KV and also a normal behaviour. In this respect it is especially emphasised that KV reacts on verbal orders, even though she does not look in the same direction of the talker implying the presence of a working sense of hearing. The additional next examination is scheduled for the age of 9 months.

Case Study 15:

Iron supply during pregnancy, client: RLR, 36 years old

Initial situation: Iron supply is regularly checked by the doctor during pregnancy. Values did not reach the minimum requirement so that a high dose of iron tablets was prescribed. This high dose in turn had the consequence of severe constipation. Nevertheless the value could not be raised to the minimum. 

A sufficient iron supply could only be ensured when giving an iron infusion directly into the blood. By wearing a Pulsor ®, close to the body and administer two Ferrosan C tablets per day (no further tablets) the haemoglobin stabilised constantly and on a good level.

Medical examinations showed a level in the blood that the minimum value was reached. Digestion stabilised and the constipations disappeared.

Case Study 16:

Young female with depressions (undergoing psychiatric treatment, unable to work, resulting from the unfulfilled wish to become pregnant). After 11 Pulsor treatments she informed the therapist that she wanted to perform an artificial insemination. At this point in time she already was able to work again and psychologically stable. After a hormone therapy and the first medical examination the doctor did not rise too much hope that there would be enough follicles.  He was expecting no more than 4 follicles but one week later he found 9 follicles when collecting them. Two days later she was told that all nine could have been fertilised which was called by the doctor a “little medical miracle” During all this time she was regularly treated with Pulsors. 

Case Study 17:

Test of new Pulsors. A doctor treated his patients with new Pulsors (Super Pulsor Card) and realised a much better effectiveness. By some very sensitive patients the effect even was judged as too strong, but in general assessed and felt as very harmonious. For this reason it was recommended to wear them not too close to the body but to place nearby.

Case Study 18:

Electro-sensitive female suffering from MCS, whose bed is located on a geological fault. On the neighbour’s house mobile phone antennas are assembled. Woman can sleep only three hours per night. After harmonising the apartment with the Vortex Energy Filter it now became 11 hours of sleep. Citation from the client: “My husband and me have almost forgotten how it was without any sleep cause we now sleep the whole night very calm. With my husband one even can see it how relaxed he is. He does not look any longer like my father with almost 90 of age."