Who are we?

The Centre for Vital Force is of predominant educational and therapeutical character. The centre was established in 1990 by Christiane and Claus Peter Kirchner and is led after the death of Claus Peter Kirchner by Christiane Kirchner-Thumm.

Dr. Christiane Kirchner-Thumm, MSc, MEd – studies in economics and trade technology, over 25 years experience in energy medicine procedures and naturopathic treatments in Switzerland and abroad. PhD and Master’s degree for complementary, integrative and psychosocial health science. Owner of a  private practice in Lucern.


What do we offer?

The Centre for Vital Force offers a number of different educations/trainings and seminars, particularly in the area of energy medicine, cf. our event calendar.
The centre is associated with the sales office Gyro Europa in 4310 Rheinfelden, Switzerland. There our employees carry out orders for our products, provide advice and answer clients‘ questions with pleasure and dedication.

What is our vision and mission?

Our vision is to offer a new quality of life to our fellow human beings suffering from internal and external stress deriving from our hyperactive world. This becomes possible by a harmonised living environment and an inner balance and equilibrium. Thus people can live and work healthier by integrating harmonisation of electro-magnetic pollution and negative emissions of people caused by emotions and sickness.

We reach the goals described by pointing out simple ways, possibilities and solutions to people which can be integrated in every day life. Our help consists of counselling, training programmes, events as well as auxiliaries which help to easen life in order to reach a new level of „wealth and easiness“.

Who is our target group?

People who acknowledge the model of energy medicine and who would like to further develop or seak help. Amongst them are:

  • Therapists, alternative practitioners and doctors who look for advanced possibilities and therapies with respect to energy medicine
  • Wellness centres which would like to include the energy medicine models
  • People who would like to re-orientate professionally
  • Companies which would like to stimulate the value-added process of their employees

The team introduce themselves:

Ursula Waldmeier

Since 2005 with Gyro, responsible for accounting and satisfied customers.

Michael Böhme

Since 2006 with Gyro, responsible for technique, sales and customer care.